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Fundraising for the Dialysis Treatment of Eric Lipata Due

Eric Lipata Due is one of the workaholic musician in the Philippine music industry. He love his family so much so he always put his family before himself in every aspect. He wants to continue to work for them, however his health colapses. Eric's kidneys are failing and he has to undergo dialysis three times a week at their local public dialysis center in Manila Philippines. Each sitting costs approximately Php 3,500 - 5,000. Which is 10,500 – 15,000 per week, 42,000 - 42,000 per month. Dialysis treatment takes around 4 hours with the insertions of medical aparatus and can caused fatigue, because of this he is unable to work. His wife is also unemployed as she needs to go with him for all the appointments. Thats why their income is zero (0) for this given moment. We are currently trying to raise funds for his dialysis. Any sponsorship for his treatment would be helpful.

Facebook of Eric: Eric Lipata Due Facebook of his Wife: Ljhay Crusillo

You can donate online via youcaring www.youcaring.com/MedsEricLipataDue

Past Event held to help Eric

Unite for Eric (Benefit Concert): Held February 06, 2018

Inspire (Benefit Concert): Held March 14, 2018

You can donate online via youcaring www.youcaring.com/MedsEricLipataDue

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